aamir khan sketch

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Am back…..with not so perfect (but very improved) sketch of Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist …..Tom Hanks of India….none other than Amir khan..!!


I know guys….you have recognized his sketch…! Hee hee….

As his Birthday was on 12th of March… I thought of making his sketch….got a nice responce from the frnds….but what you say my blogging friends??

Will be pleased to know your feedback…

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learning pencil sketch-II

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Happy New year 2018 

last week it was my niece’s first birthday I was confused what to gift her so I made this sketch of her..

its my first realistic sketch its on 21cm×28cm paper from mobilephone .  I have a picture while I was making .​

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warli panel painting

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i saw some warli art and liked to them.so tried one of modern warli art painting and added some quilling scrolls to it.

I made it as panel paintings…

warli painting
#warlipaintingpainting #worlipainting

handmade warli wallhanging
#warlipanelpainting #easywarli #nanansdiy

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      first I what to Thank you to all of my wordpress followers because of your support on WordPress I started my first facebook page so now you can see my work on Facebook and vary shortly on instagram too.

you can find me at

nanan’s diy https://www.facebook.com/Nanans-diy-990169091125922/

again…thank you for yor visit…..your visit to the page means a lot to me…..

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Quilling earrings designs

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     quilling earrings are very lightweight so you can wear it anywhere. specially at collage and office…

today I am sharing my quilling earrings designs for collage and office like places.

​this are quilling decoupage jumkha with butterfly design

​its looped quilling earrings with heart shape. I made the heart with mould.

 this square quilling jumkhas ​has flower design in it.ti looks
​this simple earrings looks nice and its so easy to make.


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learning pencil sketching

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I like drawing but I never tried sketches before so I tried it and its here,


its a sketch of my 2 month old niece. I love her too much…:):)


Its a picture of mother and child which I sketch without eraser. this one is my favorite because I made it for my sis 🙂


I made these sketches from newspapers.these are famous stars of Bollywood so I started with them.





I am learning from my every sketch and I will share some tutorials of it very soon…

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Thank you

handmade by me

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         I usually share quilling art but this time I am sharing pooja/aarti thali that I made on navratri.


here is shubh-labh hangings that I made last year,


hope you like it …

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3d quilling hockey player

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  am back…! 🙂  with a new quilling model….
  In India, 29th August is celebrated as ‘Sports Day’… Birthday of the great Indian hockey player Dhyanchand..!..It is celebrated in his memory…!
    So…following the theme I made a 3d quilling hockey player…hope u will like it..! 🙂 🙂



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Nominated for liebster award:)

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August is special month for me because its my birthday month and friendship day is celebrated…!
Happy friendship day to all


some days ago plantpicker nominated me for liebster award she has a nice blog… Do visit her blog…!
Thanks plantpicker for selecting me.

I nominate,
1A home maker’s world
2 sui generis Shaili
3be positive yaroon
4NOT just another mom

1. What motivates you to write on your blog? 
– A good weather motivates me to write even making things for blog .

2. What do you consider to be an achievement on your blog? 
– I make creative and detailed models and keep posting regularly…!!

3. Does your blog have support from family and friends? 
-yes, of course as I said in my first post my two elder sisters take interest in my creations and motivate me..

4. What are your future goals? With your blog and your career?
-I don’t have any future goals with my blog till yett….and in career I would like to teach quilling or any other crafts 😉

5. What do you consider to be your best quality as a person?
– To love your work and enjoy it….keep up with your hobbies…

my questions
1.Why did you start blogging?
2. Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
3. What’s your favorite part about blogging?
4. Do you celebrate festival? Which is your favorite?
5. Were you a shy kid in school or someone who makes the whole class laugh?

To accept this nomination you must follow these rules (see link below). 
liebster award rules

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The rainey day

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here monsoon has started There was beautiful weather after rain so I got idea for my creation and made this…


To make it Follow these easy steps



drow a little girl with an umbrella .



colour your drawing  with your favourite colours.I added rain  background with my hand made stencil which is shown in this pic.




make outlines of umbrella with black quilling strip and fill up shapes with connected scrolls different coloured strips.I used pink purple and blue
at last add some details like umbrella top and dots , ribbons of girl etc…,


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